Searching Bear Flute Accessories

Leather Chaps & Wraps

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

Standard Buckskin Chaps  Standard Buckskin Chaps

Buckskin Chaps w/ 2 wraps

Single Chap

Single Chap w/ 2 wraps

Woodland Style wraps

Leather Wraps-$25.00/Leather Chaps-$35.00/Woodlands style wraps-$40.00

Protective bags and cases

Standard Searching Bear Flute Bag

Standard Buckskin Bag  Standard Buckskin Bags  Standard Buckskin Bag
Standard Buckskin Bag 

Custom Hard Shell Quivers & Regular

Custom Hard Shell Quiver  Standard Hard Shell Quiver

Cotton lined flute bags

Cotton lined bags

Priced from $20.00 to $35.00 depending on size.

PEARL GROVES' deerskin flute bags

Pearl Groves custom flute bags

All Pearl Groves' flute bags are Custom Hand Sewn deerskin.
Standard or very elaborate. Custom sewn to your flute length
and width. All bags have braided shoulder straps unless
otherwise specified. Deerskin is very soft and great if
a hard case is not needed. Starting at $125.00.

Protecting your flute(s) is advisable.

Standard leather bags-$80.00+/Regular Quivers (holds 2 flutes)-$80.00
Larger Quivers (holds 6 flutes)-$160
Other bags are priced per size & elaborateness

Heart of the Flute sachet bags -by Michael Searching Bear
these new bags are filled with the natural fragrance
of Aromatic Red Cedar shavings and can be hung from
your rear view mirror or any place where this wonderful
natural fragrance is desired. Can be filled with any
type wood used for my flutes.

Heart of the Flute sachet bags

Price - $5.00 each includes S/H

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