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Michael Searching Bear is the owner/craftsman of Searching Bear Flutes.
Michael is an accomplished musician who's love for music and search for his native
heritage led him to the Native American Wood Flute. With over 40 years of experience
and as a performance and studio musician, as a drummer and percussionist, Michael
developed his talents and perfected his gift for mastering intricate rhythms.
He later learned, under the teachings of Kenneth Leonard, the electric, acoustic and
classical guitars as well as music theory, history and ethnomusicology as a
private student. With this knowledge, Michael desired to incorporate as many
different types of instruments and backgrounds into his recording compositions -
especially Native instruments.

Michael began incorporating the flute into his music in 1996 and soon found
that he desired to make them for himself. Of Cherokee and Powhatan
descent, Michael desires to keep the craft alive and pass on the
traditions of the flute. Nearly a lost art, the Native American Wood
Flute has experienced a resurgence in popularity. The haunting melodies and
soothing tones have found a wide and accepting audience in today's hectic society.

Each Searching Bear Flute is carefully hand-crafted with great pride and passion.
As a musician, Michael takes special care to ensure that each flute possesses
quality in performance and tone. Known for his traditional looking flutes, Michael
has taken on this responsibility and holds true to the traditional aspects of flute
making. From the leather working to the beadwork to the finish used on his flutes.

Michael's passion and interest has always been in the music arena. He is
a perfectionist and feels it lends well to this craft. With this passion
Michael has followed his heart and has begun teaching on the ancient methods,
as well as today's methods, of construction and uses of the flute in the Native ways
of life. His informal classes are taught in a variety of settings and age groups.
From toddler day care centers to college level workshops to a variety of churches.
Cooperation from many businesses has given Michael the opportunity to perform
for an insightful lunch meditation time, to informative diverse cultural
experiences at hospitals to other varying public groups and cultural gatherings.
Michael lives in Ohio at present and has traveled throughout the country
performing and educating on the Flute and the Native way of life.

Michael has been cited in and interviewed for one of the best
known Native American flute books - (Flute Magic: An Introduction to the
Native American Flute by Tim "WindWalker" Crawford - 3rd edition, Appendix I)
on the subject of the warble along with folks like Timothy Nevaquaya,
Doc Oliver Jones, Doc Payne, Lew Price and Ed Wapps.

Michael not only makes these wonderful flutes but also performs for a variety
of audiences. Michael has dedicated his life to educating and teaching his Native
culture and using his expertise in the flute as a catalyst for this training.

For further information on Michael's award winning flutes,
please email Michael Searching Bear with further questions along
with your flute desires for custom work.




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