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As was done traditionally, I do inlay work as well as beadwork
that esthetically creates a beautiful look to enhance
any traditional look of a flute.
I use, at this point, crushed stone for all my inlay work.
Such stone as turquoise, malachite, coral, lapis, jet, jade, agate -
and truly the list can go on. If you chose a certain color,
I am sure I can find a stone to match it.
Searching Bear Flute beadwork is made with glass beads, no plastic!
As you can see, a typical beadwrap is sewn on a tight leather wrap
which in turn is sewn around the flute. Fringe can be incorporated
at an additional cost.
Inlay or beadwork pricing can be found on the Price & Wood Selection page.

Please ask about other designs you may wish to have on your special flute.

Stone Inlay

Vine of Tears  Vine of Tears

mother of pearl/jet horse

turquoise bear trax

Eagle Inlay

Iktomi Inlay

Medicine Hands Inlay

turquoise outline

Native symbol usage

the 'splash' design

Coral Bear Trax

Turquoise inlay

Various Stone Inlay Various Stone Inlay

Malachite usage  Coral, Malachite & Brown sandstone usage

Turquoise & Coral usage

Malachite Tree of Life

Abalone dot inlays

Abalone shape inlays

Turquoise WolfTrax inlay  Turquoise WolfTrax inlay

Coral WolfTrax inlay

Old style 4 winds inlay

Malachite Bear Claw inlay

Various Stone Lightning Snake & Copper/Silver leaf inlay


Small Bead Wrap  Standard Bead Wrap

Pinking cut bead wrap

Typical bead wrap  Typical bead wrap

Typical bead wrap  Typical bead wrap

WolfTrax pinking bead wrap

elaborate bead design

elaborate bead design elaborate bead design

elaborate bead design elaborate bead design

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