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StoryTeller Flutes are a unique concept which tells a story
via symbolic artwork used by a given tribe.
Though this concept is definitely not new, I believe this
traditional method of telling a story is a unique idea on flutes.
Included with each Storyteller flute will be a
printed translation.
Storyteller flute's beauty is enhanced
by natural oil color staining. These are truly wonderful to play
as well as an art piece. My beautifully crafted flutes are created
specifically to achieve a concert and recording quality instrument.
80% of all my flutes created have a natural warble.
I am told that there are very few makers
that build flutes that have a warble...
I have recently been cited in and interviewed for one
best known Native American flute books (Flute Magic:
An Introduction to the Native American Flute
by Tim "WindWalker" Crawford - Appendix I,
3rd edition) on the subject of the warble.
The wood is individually selected for it's natural
character, as well as the quality of the tone desired.
I keep traditional characteristics in my craft and
'burn in' the finger holes and sound windows with metal rods.
As a musician it is important that my flutes are carefully
tuned to a traditional plains minor pentatonic scale.
A customized instrument, as well as a special 'western flute'
style tuning can also be achieved as a special order.
Each flute is individually fashioned by hand (never mass produced)
and protected by an all natural sealer/hardener dipping solution,
then waxed to guard the quality and beauty of the wood.
All StoryTeller flutes are 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1 1/8" & 1 1/4" bore,
depending on the model of flute, split cased construction,
4, 5 or 6 holed and a one-of-a-kind musical instrument.
Used by musicians and amateurs alike, these flutes can be played
simply and with ease. Each flute is unconditionally guaranteed
against cracking and separation due to craftsmanship.
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Click on the 'Flute clips' image below and hear the different
tones available. Click on the 'Flute totems' image below to see
the various totems/birds/blocks available.

Michael Searching Bear

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