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I would like to thank all who have taken the time to write these kind words.
They truly mean more than you know! Wa do
Michael Searching Bear

Earlier this year, I gifted my first flute, a Michael Searching Bear instrument,
to my brother-in-law. He has left the country for a two-year stint as a
Peace Corps volunteer on the South Seas islands of Kiribati. Before he left,
he indicated that he wanted to learn how to play the flute.
He recently wrote, "the children (his students) enjoy hearing it and laugh
when I miss a note or two." You have not only sparked a musical fire
in me and in many others in Wisconsin, but also in one on a far-off
island in the Pacific. Thank you. John (Wisconsin)

Dearest Michael:
I have been out of town for almost 2 Cleveland Ohio.
Everyone thought it was time for our Father to make the final journey.
He had heart failure and emergency surgery in the time that I was there.
I am a nurse and energy healer. I thought my Nursing skills
would be much needed, but found that the heart energy that we
worked with together had much greater affect on him and his
situation. I took my magnificent"piece of art" flute with me.
Mostly because it was so new to me and I wanted it with me.
After a few days of being with the flute alone in the quiet
hours of the evening, after everyone else had retired.
I realized that I brought it because I needed
to play it for my father. I feel as though this flute is
connected to me at the heart. It cry's out and it sooths
and it laughs. It is like no other instrument that I have ever played.
It knew just what to play for my father. Sometimes I felt
as though it was playing me. I don't know how to thank you
for this amazing gift. There are no words.
Linda (Tennessee)
PS - My father is at home recovering. I have heard more about my Blackfoot
history in the last 4 days that I had heard my entire life from my Father.
The flute woke up something in him that had been dead for many years.

Thank you very much for the flute, it is excellent, it seems to have a
character of its own because I am playing substantially better
like if the flute is giving me new tones
and helping me develop a certain sound. As far as the workmanship,
well its impeccable, you are a blessed artist. I will in the near future
order another flute from you when I decide the sound and art
I would like for the next one.
thank you very much - Rocky (Coral Gables, Florida)

Thank you for your hospitality and opportunity to share your work.
It was truly an honor to meet with you and as I said before, I was amazed
at the level of professionalism you use in your work. You're keeping an art and a
great piece of your culture alive, and it is a great responsibility.
Take Care
Eric (Dayton, Ohio)

Hello Michael~
My flute has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! It is easy to play, has a wonderful tone
and......YES!!! really does warble....loud and clear.
I want to thank you for the love and care you put into creating it for me.
For today "I am the happiest girl in the whole USA."
(Are you old enough to remember that song?) Well, that's definitely me :o)
It must be a great feeling to know you are able to create something
that has the ability to bring so much joy to others.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Hy'shqe Siam, (Thank you my friend.)
Corinne (Alaska)

I must tell you how amazed I was when this flute arrived and I began to play.
I had not expected too much as I have been disappointed previously
when purchasing a flute on eBay. It has a voice that almost brought tears to my eyes.
Only another flute player would understand the feeling when you pick up a flute
and it sings in the voice you had always imagined in your head.
The tonic note warbles like a Comanche flute, which R. Carlos Nakai
has said every flute player searches for, and is indicative of a well-made flute.
He has also said that a good flute "vibrates" in your hand when it is played,
so that you feel its energy. My flute has this quality. Of the eight flutes I now own,
two stand out: One is an F# flute made by Ken Light,
and the other is the E flute from you. Yours cost one-quarter as much
as the Amon Olorin flute, and I like it just as well. The flute is a treasure
and I cannot believe it came to me for the price I paid.
I feel as if I have stolen it from you.
Thank you so much! ...Andre (Wisconsin)

the flute just is beautiful beyond my expectations...
i am glad i had it sent almost begs to be put on display
as well as to be played...i know the recipient will do it justice...
her love of music and tradition will blend with your creation...
once again...thank you...or wa do!...mary (Pennsylvania)

Hi Michael --
The flute arrived about two hours ago. It appears to be in perfect condition,
and it is gorgeous. It's just as I imagined it would be.
The wood grain is beautiful, and the wolf drawings came out really well.
The chaps, beadwork and feather go great with the flute.
I like the quiver also. To whoever shows an interest I will definitely
refer them to you! I'll drop you a line in a couple weeks
and let you know how my husband liked it.
Much appreciated -- Sara (California)

Michael, flute came and it’s WONDERFUL in all respects – both the musical tones and
appearance! The low tones are surprisingly easy to play and the fingering is just fine…
much easier than I was anticipated for a F#. I really like the small mouthpiece too.
You did a wonderful job both from a musical standpoint and a woodworking/
wood burning standpoint. I like the small “slit” of blue also – what is that?
I figured it was a small imperfection filled in, but I like the blue!
Your burnings are very discrete and artistic also. I was very pleased with
the wood grain, the color, the satin finish, and REALLY like how
LIGHTWEIGHT it is… I was really delighted with that aspect! The time you took
to listen to my persnickety concerns about hole spacing is greatly appreciated -
I notice all those little things you worked into the flute for playability and tone.
- I would highly recommend this configuration for petite females. Thanks for an
absolutely wonderful flute I will enjoy playing, and playing for others.
My birds really seem to enjoy it’s music as well, and the musical tones
just flow from it… it’s really enjoyable to play; it plays “with you” and you don’t
have to “fight it” to produce the musical tones (as in some instruments I’ve experienced).
Thank you, Michael for a marvelous flute and I will enjoy for a very long time!
- P.S. Question: My husband asked me about the function if any of the holes
at the bottom… we think it allows to bring it to a higher pitch, or maybe something
about the four winds.. wasn’t sure and just curious about that and the “small slit of blue”.
Bettye (Leander, Texas)

Hi Michael,
I got my flute today, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sound is heavenly. Now all I have to do now is learn to play it.
I don't think that will be hard because like you said,
"It almost plays itself" Thank you so much for the special totem,
it really means a lot. I love the flute and will be
showing it off to all my friends and neighbors.
If I decide I need another flute in another key,
I could only hope that you would make my next one.
Thanks again for everything.
I will let you know how my playing is coming along.
Happy New Year,
Carol (Michigan)

Hi Michael, I received your flute today. WOW!!
You were not kidding when you said your flutes were easy to play!!
I love this flute, be it a "2nd" or not. The air flows so smoothly
and the sound quality is very much to my liking. Thank you!
I think I will be playing it more than any of the other flutes I have.
Best wishes, (Pennsylvania)

Ryan's flute came today and he's outside
on our dock playing it right now. Thank you for taking
such care with it. We love the little wolf and your paw prints.
You are truly a craftsman. The sound is so rich and deep I know
he'll get many years of enjoyment out of it.
I'm just hoping he lets me play it sometime!
Cynthia (Ryan's Mom)
G'day Searching Bear! Ryan's flute arrived
a little past noon (I was off today). I went ahead and unpacked
it to see if it had suffered any damage in shipping...
and it had not. An outstanding piece of craftsmanship...
well done! (Ryan's Dad)
UPDATE: Having received your flute, I can report nothing less
than amazement at how beautiful it sounds
and the ease with which I was able to begin playing it.
The flute itself has a natural, ancient look to it which augments
the overall appearance. If I had to give it a grade, I would give
no less than A+. You truly do have a gift of craftsmanship, and I hope
that all others who are able to experience it will agree. Wa do!
By the way, thank you very much for the card. ;) All is truly well,
and I hope it is the same with you. Ryan (Orlando, Florida)

Ebay winner:
Praise : Good Instrument. Good Transaction A+
Repeat Customer -
Praise : A+++ Nice Flute. Easy transaction.
Robert (Stanford, Ca.)

Ebay winner:
Praise : flute can wail out or whisper softly with slight change of inspiration-super!!
quempress (Paula- Twin Falls, Idaho)

Ebay winner:
Praise : Beautiful, well-made flute w/incredible sound. Seller very informative. A+++
bjellis74 (Sharon- Springfield, Virginia)

Ebay winner:
Praise : A wonderful transaction and a wonderful flute!!!! Thanks Searching Bear!!!!!
Steven (Corvallis, OR)

Ebay winner:
Wow! What a beautiful well-made flute, Thanks for the fast & careful shipping!
Andre (Madison, WI)

Hello Michael,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know
how much I am enjoying the flute that you created for me.
It is extremely easy to play, and after just a few evenings of practice
I am making something that sounds close to music.
(remember I have never played a musical instrument before).
It was worth every penny! Thanks again, Scott. (Ohio)
UPDATE: My flute playing is coming along quite nicely
now that my fingers have learned some coordination.
The flute you created is a very beautiful creation
and it is extremely easily played.

Hello Michael!
Received my flute in the mail today and oh my!
It is wonderful!
I was so excited opening it up I could hardly stand it.
I have read the books and watched the videos
so I had an idea of how to try it out,
so I gave it a try and was so amazed that I could
make such a beautiful sound come out of the flute on my very first blow!
I could actually compose a little song
of a few notes that just warmed my heart!
It is a wonderful sounding flute and so very beautiful!
Thank you for your hard work, creativity
and heart in making it for me. Thank you, Michael!
Sandy (Illinois)

Aaniin Michael,
The Flute is beautiful and plays wonderfully. It fits my hands perfectly
and I am able to play it with ease. I thought one flute would be enough
but I think I will be buying a middle A flute next spring.
And my roommate may also wish to purchase one,
after I teach him how to play it. Words can not say how
pleased I am with the flute and how beautiful it is to the ears
as well as to the eyes. Mii'gwech, Blessed be, Chell (Two Harbors, Minnesota)
Talk to you next spring, or sooner with an other order.

Ebay winner:
Praise : Wow, what a great experience to "warble" !!
Repeat Customer
Praise : Another work of art !!
Neal (Alaska)

Ebay winner:
Praise : great looking and unique wood
Dale (Grass Valley, CA)

Ebay winner:
Hi Michael:
We're so excited.. the flute is so "Beautiful" and sounds "Great!!"
You are definitely a Master Flutemaker!! We are beginners at
playing the flute so we do appreciate the instructions/care info.
you included. As we play the flute more and it gets use to us, ha,ha!..
we may order another flute to compliment this one...till then, Take Care!
Steve/Eileen (British Columbia -Canada)

Ebay winner:
Praise : Beautiful flute, simple and elegant. Great seller. Thanks........ Alice (Maryland)

Ebay winner:
Praise : Beautiful flute, great sound,AA A+++ dealer
fancy_sadie (Abraham- Oceanside, CA)

I got the drone! It is ... FANTASTIC!
It took me a few hours or so to 'get' how to place my mouth for single,
or drone play, etc. This is great! The flute is beautiful, I love the mahogany
and am glad I went with that. Sounds lovely. I can hardly stand taking myself along from it
long enough to send you this email, but wanted to let you know that I did receive the flute
and (obviously) am more than happy with it.
Thanks again for all of the individual attention that you gave to me
(even putting the logo where I wanted!).
The flute is wonderful and is just what I wanted. Thanks and have a great day -
I know I will - :)
Ramie (North Carolina)

Ebay winner:
Praise : Excellent communication, fast shipping, beautiful flute! Wado Searching Bear!
Yes, it made it safely. And it sounds heavenly! I will surely contact you if I have any questions.
Again, thank you...for making this lovely flute.
Alice (Arkansas)

The drone arrived today safe and sound. The photo on your web site
did not do it justice. And it sings beautifully too! I will contact you
soon for the hackberry flute. I am still trying to find a couple of suitable
pieces of mesquite for you to try.
Thanks again!! Bill (Texas)
Repeat Customer
The Hackberry flute arrived today. It is magnificent! I really like what you did with it
and it's voice is truly wonderful. I really appreciate it and I will be in touch.
Thanks!! Bill (Texas)
Repeat Customer
The flute arrived today and it is magnificent. It is all I had hoped
it would be and much more. The horse head block is just awesome
and it's voice is angelic. I will truly feel that I am playing
for my father every time I pick it up.
I'll be calling again soon to buy a copy of your C.D.
and checking to see when the new one comes out.
I read the newspaper article and I think
it was a good piece. I hope things continue to go well for you.
Thanks again my friend!
Vaya con Dios Amigo!
Bill (Texas)

Hi Michael,
I just received one of your flutes this weekend
as a gift from my family. Although I've never played
a flute before, the mid A you made for me sings
through my breath and I am happy to be
along for the ride. How can such an
evocative, emotional, musical sound
come from a piece of wood (African Mahogany)?
I believe it is a testament to your
ability as a craftsman, musician,
and living being.
I feel my flute suits me perfectly
and is becoming an extension of my hands (and breath).
Thank you for your creation.
As I play and hear the music it creates,
I am brought to a place of
equanimity in all things and a sense
of the agelessness of time.
In thankful adoration,
Christopher (Ray Brook, New York)

Dear Michael:
Received the flute and it is wonderful. It is so soothing to play it-- even at an amateur level.
Thanks for such a beautiful instrument.     Laura (Ohio)

Michael, We received the flute yesterday and we are very happy with it.
My daughter loved the rainbow and trees inlay. Thanks for all your hard work.
Patti (New York)

Hi Michael,
Jason, my son, went totally nuts over the flute!
It was beautifully done and plays very well. The family got together
at Jason's on Christmas eve to open gifts with the children,
and once he opened the flute, all else was secondary.
In fact, he went out to the patio for the remainder of the get-together
(weather in SoCal permits such activity) to play it!
Thanks so very much for the "personal service"!
Regards, Ed (Southern California)

The flute arrived safely. When I removed it from the box, I admired its appearance,
but then I played it. I have to tell you that the flute is sooooo!!! beautiful.
What a great sound!! Needless to say, I am very pleased.
Thank you.
Steve H. (Palm Desert, Ca.)

Ebay winner:
Wow! Michael, it's fantastic! Outstanding craftsmanship. Fast shipment. Yes!! A+
Robert (New York, N.Y.)

Greetings Michael, I love her!!
(I don't know if flutes have a gender or not. I started just saying it.
She feels like a she to me.) She sounds so great, considering
I haven't been able to do alot with her. I was able to make her warble
a little. Once I really get the hang of it, I'm sure she's going to make
the most beautiful music. She's a beauty to behold. Everyone who sees her
thinks she's awesome! I can see & feel the love you put into making her.
One can tell this is a flute made by a Master Craftsman.
Thanks so much. I'm sure this is going to be the first of more of your wonderful
flutes for me. With Light, Love and Oneness, Zentura (Colorado)

The flute arrived, is an unbelievably beautiful (in every way)
piece of art, and my husband loves it. I might have to learn to play one just so I can have my own!!
Thank you for sharing your special gifts.
Betsy (Georgia)

Michael, three words- wow, wow, and wow. The only thing I can say about
my missing flute, which would put out some very sweet sounds, is that
it was but a student model. A precursor of what was to come. Needless to say,
I am very pleased this instrument and I are venturing into a challenging
but beautiful journey. There will be more orders to come in the future.
Thank you much. You have lifted my spirit! peace...Marty (Maryland)

Hello Michael
Received the flute yesterday and opened the box today. The flute has such a sweet voice
and it definitely spoke to my heart. Took me a while to figure out
how to do the warble but I figured it out. Really love the flute.
You did a beautiful job decorating it.
Lydia (Seminole, Florida)

Today I received my order of a f# flute that you made me.
I have never played a Native American flute before but always loved the sound.
I just want to tell you that I am extremely impressed with your workmanship.
The flute is beautiful and sounds just as I hoped it would sound.
Thank you so so so much. I hope to purchase a drone flute in f#
from you in a few months. I will recommend you to my friends
who saw the flute and were very impressed.
Thank you once again
Glenn (Hawaii)

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