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The words totem, bird and block are synonymous on these pages.
The traditional name for this air controlling apparatus is a 'bird'.
Simply because the 'bird' was typically in the shape of a bird totem,
similiar to the Traditional bird shown below. All totems are
normally constructed with an air chimney. (which tends to warm the tone).
All Searching Bear Flute prices include one of the following totems
of your choosing. Carved totems are an additional $15.00.
Other totems may be made with an additional charge of $25.00.
Please ask about other totems. There is a possibility there will be no
extra charge for a new design.

Traditional Block Totem  Traditional Bird Totem
Standard Block Totem  Modified Standard Block Totem
Bear Totem  Buffalo Totem
Standard Eagle Totem  Roosting Bird Totem
Duck Totem  Inverse Totem
Otter Totem  Falcon Totem
HorseHead Totem  Wolf Head Totem
Aztec Totem  Talon Totem
Old Style Block  Long Tail Bird
Painted Bear Totem  Painted Buffalo Totem
Kokopelli Sun Totem  Free Form Bird

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