Small Bore flutes are identical to my other flutes with the exception that they are much smaller in diameter. They are constructed with a 1/2" diameter bore and are perfect for the smaller hands and children as well as the experienced player. The keys range from a High Range Db to a High Range G. That would include from low to high:
Db / D / Eb / E / F / F# / G
In the past I have made the High Range Db and High Range D in a 3/4" bore but find these smaller bored flutes much more focused in tone. I find this to be more pleasing in this High Range.

Small Bore Flute images

Small Bore Drone Flute images


Harmony Drone Flute images

My Harmony Drone flutes are made with the typical 3 + 3 hole layout as pictures indicate. The long side will hold the 'key of the flute' on the root note, or all holes covered. This side will have the standard root, flatted 3rd, 4th & 5th. Short side will have the root matching the 5th of the longer side. Then a flatted 3rd, 4th & 5th of the short side root. All notes will harmonize with each other, hence the harmony name. Made in any mid range key.
Harmony Drone flutes are 'keyed' from the longer side. For instance a Harmony
Drone in the key of F# will mean the longer side is keyed to F#.


All flutes bear the
'Searching Bear Flutes'
logo and are signed
'Michael Searching Bear Smallridge'
or 'Michael Searching Bear'
(depending on year of flute),
dated and marked
w/ flute key.

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